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    Considering the vast amount of experience we have amongst this site's membership, I thought it might be good to tap in to that experience to help those who are perhaps new to buying or selling at auction (or simply reluctant to do so).So, please share any information, advice or experiences which you think would be of use to others.For example, what lessons have you learned about the buying or selling of Lenkiewicz's work at auction? What are the potential risks? How can people protect themselves against those risks? How does it all work? Etc., etc., ...



    Maybe judging a painting to be a fake or not only on stylistic grounds is difficult. Perhaps if those involved with ROL s studio , ie billy, yana etc gave advice on type of canvas used , grounds used , robert was very specific about the paints and grounds used in later years , and also the types of staples, stretchers used. This might point to an articles authenticity, although im sure there are some who know EXACTLY what Robert painted with and so are capable of making very convincing forgeries. These people with such knowledge should be A> Under suspicion, or B> put to good use in the authentication process.



    During the mid seventies to early eighties Robert used all sort of paints, sail cloth and whatever he could get his hands on to paint. His style changed over the years. A style pattern can be seen indicating approximate time of execution in sync with his project themes. Additional photographic documentation of the studio interiors can also shed light on works missing or lost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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