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    Last week we purchased Bella with the painter from Horswell Arts in Plymouth, (following information last week on Web site). Only today did we receive the Certificate it took us by suprise as it appears to be the Galleries own certificate.

    This then raises the question when is a certificate valid? Surely the publishers should be the only ones who are able to issue these certificates otherwise couldn't anyone 'create' their own??

    How important is the Certificate when there are places that sell prints without the orignal and some wiithout any. Surely having no certificate would lessen the value of such a print?
    It feels a bit of a minefield this one!!
    What do others feel about this?
    Tracy 😕



    I went to the Rendels sale earlier in the year and bought ‘Paper Crowns’ with a cert (I’ll have a look tonight at the cert and let you know who issued it) but having a cert didn’t seem to make any difference to the prices. Altho I bought the one I did because it had a certificate. Ian.



    My certificate of bella with painter from ebrington street was the fisher mackenzie certificate signed by esther (dave is yours the same)? This is the one it should be.

    PS Paper Crowns should have a certificate or signed sticker by the Halcyon Gallery, this was the house which released the 250 silk screens.




    I am very surprised that you should have been given a Fisher Mackenzie certificate signed by me for ‘Bella with the painter’, we didn’t produce this print and it’s certainly not the correct certificate for that print. The original certificate for that print had a black and white reproduction of that print underneath the text and is unmistakeable. I wouldn’t advise that anyone gets unduly worried about certificates, by the time prints have changed hands a couple of times certificates get mislaid, and we only print a certain number of them. As long as the print looks right, it’s signed, numbered and the correct size. I wouldn’t worry too much about the certificate. It’s usually possible for us or Washington Green to re-issue a certificate if one has been lost.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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