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    I thought I'd start a quick thread – before .org disappears – to say a big THANK YOU to Dave for setting up this site and putting so much work into it. And also to thank all the people I've “met” through the site.It's been a great ride, Dave. There've been superb contributions from Robert Lenkiewicz's inner circle, with lots of humour, erudition, and some frank exchanges of opinion. It's never been boring. As a discussion forum it's been remarkably well-behaved compared to others I've been involved with. As a learning resource it's second to none: we'll see if TLF's site fulfils its promise, but you've set the bar high.Optimist that I am, I think there's still time for you to reconsider, or still time for someone to take over the site. I'd offer myself but I know I wouldn't have the time, skills or diplomacy to step into your shoes.Here's wishing you the best in whatever direction you take now. Hopefully we will meet up sometime at a Lenkiewicz event. I extend the same goodwill towards all the contributors here, without whom the provocation of thought would never have happened.



    …Hear, hear, I agree this is (has been) a top website, and has helped to keep ROL represented on the world wide web, particularly as his 'official' site was defunct for so long. This site has spread information about ROL around the entire world, and has done it better than any other 'Lenkiewicz website', "who are you without an internet presence these days?". As for the 'slanging matches', 'vendettas' etc. I don't believe this forum was any worse than any other normal forum - nobody got killed, hurt or injured - it's just a forum for gods sake, it's supposed to have CONFLICT, its natural, accept it!!! Perhaps the administrator (Dave) putting his name forward and taking personal messages that were inappropraite was not good, but then, it may have been better to have perhaps kept himself anonymous from the very beginning? Some of the more creative members' posts have been very entertaining, and the website will be missed.R.I.P.!



    God this is really really sad. Feels like when robert actually died. This website has kept the impish intelligent character of robert alive, now it will be like august 2002 all over again. Please, please TLF do something that resembles this PLEASE!



    Just a final Thank You to Dave for running this site. It really has been a fantastic resource and a source of constant interest and entertainment. I am really going to miss it – just hope TLF can do something half as good. Best wishes for the future. Thanks again Martyn



    I would just like to say how saddened I am to learn that this site is to close, and to take this opportunity to thank Dave for all the hard work he has put in for the enjoyment and benefit of us all. However this decision comes as no surprise for as I warned in several posts during November 2007, many people, including myself, were becoming increasingly turned off by all the personal abuse and insults that were being so freely thrown around by some contributors. As I said at that time there will always be differences of opinion – that is healthy and to be expected – and is what a debating forum is all about. However that does not mean it has to degenerate into personal abuse and insults – it is not what you say, but how you say it. It gives me no satisfaction whatsoever to now say my fears about the consequences of this abuse of what was otherwise an excellent forum have proved to be all too justified. Dave – your excellent site will be sadly missed.



    In the brief time I've been here, although an avid viewer, I would like to thank all the people who have made the Lenkiwicz site an enjoyable experience and most entertaining one. Looking back at some of the big threads in this forum there are some really good exchanges of views, from people who under normal circumstances would probably never have met each other but had a chance to discuss stuff and take points of view. I think any edge that existed between posters on this site is nothing more than honestly held opinions, robustly defended and at times with great humour, there have been some clever posters here, people who knew Lenkiewicz and some very educated ones as well. If Lenkiewicz is controversial and radical then so are the people who want to discuss him and thank god for that. Time is short before the website is switched off so a simple thank you to all especially David Goodwin. Up here in Manchester the great Tony Wilson once said "When you have to choose between truth and legend, ... I say choose the legend."The lenkiewicz legend is just beginning, and this website was a part of that...cheers to all.


    Dave Elliott

    This is a sad time for all of us, who have enjoy this site for many years and



    I agree with everything that's been said about Dave's efforts. Not only that but this site has been a positive force for change and recognition of Robert's work, which is surely what we all wanted to see.



    This is a reply to Web Weaver's suggestion. I've placed it here in order not to disrupt Francis's Ben Uri thread.

    Let's start a Lenkiewicz thread on another website?

    I registered and received a welcome message explaining that the site is for working artists and that in order to remain a member I would have to submit examples of my work etc and make at least 10 posts to the site otherwise my profile would be deleted. So that's a no-go. There may be other ways to continue a discussion forum - perhaps a blogspot site? Anyone else got any better ideas?



    He who posts last posts longest.


    old friend

    The last post how sad.I have learnt a considerable amount from this site and have been a regular visitor but have passed only a few comments I know. My thanks to dave and his supporters,and a final hooray for member555. kind regards to all members and special thanks to those who tried to maintain some intellectual standards……

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