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    Many thanks to all those who have already responded to my earlier post (both here and privately).The responses have all been very positive, so I have now created a developmental version of this project. This can be found at note that this is mainly for testing purposes. It is not the final version. It is still very much a work in progress. However, having said that, I am quite pleased with the initial functionality of the site.Please take a few moments to check it out.Note that there will not be a shared login with the main site. If you wish to contribute you will need to create a new account at the project site. There are practical, security and technical reasons for this.Secondly, I do not intend to allow images to be uploaded directly to the project site. I think it wise that all images are stored in the image gallery on this site. I do not want to see a situation where we are trying to maintain two seperate image galleries. However, it will still be easy to insert images directly into any content on the project site. You simply need to know the url of the image you wish to insert. This can be found by right clicking on an image and selecting 'Properties'.Obviously there still remains a lot to be decided, most significantly the structure of the 'book'. This, however, is easy to modify at any time. I would certainly not want to be locked into a rigid structure at such an early stage. It makes more sense to see how things develop. Yes? Having said that, we do need more of a 'skeleton' for the structure than is currently in place. So, please do suggest what needs to be added at this stage.Any other comments or feedback would be very much appreciated.

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