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    I just thought I'd comment on the reorganisation of the gallery by project. It's a great improvement to the site and thanks are due to whoever was responsible. Unless there's a good reason not to, I'd like whoever was responsible to step forward and take a bow. It can't have been easy or quick to go through a database of 1200 pictures and identify those relating to Lenkiewicz's projects. Although there's already a lot of background information about the projects on this website, they really come alive when you see the paintings together as a unit. I noticed some paintings I had missed before, including the superbly executed "Portrait Of Jeny Lelya Bremer " in Project 6. Using the gallery as a resource, we could perhaps start discussions about artistic development, thematic unity and so forth...All in all, a tremendous addition to Three cheers from me! Hip Hip Hooray                        Hip Hip Hooray                        Hip Hip Hooray

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