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    Lenkiewicz died in 2002, next year will be a decade since he passed.In these 10 years there were many issues, too many to cover here. But the promotion of his work through TLF etc has been stunted. Notably the issue of creditors dented the potential for promotion of this important artist. There have been exhibitions, but, the media attention in the mainstream has been seriously weak or lacking.It appears that there is an agenda, of the promotion of a critical elite choice of artists, with the backing of the galleries, influential owners and major auction rooms, which essentially are dictating the movement of art around the world and ultimately the art movement and its ability to develop.If art is solely being developed for money, ego and corporate boardrooms then surely this may deviate the purpose of the art for arts sake?Art has become exclusive for the rich alone. Or was it always like this? Monet created multiple art works for rich Americans to cover the 4 big walls in their mansions, maybe I'm being naive.However, maybe in the past the artist was allowed to develop and then were promoted once established. Not the other way around.My question is:Surely in the last 10 years, someone could and should have made a documentary about the artist for display on say Channel 4 or the Sky Arts channel.Is it really that difficult to commission such a work to be displayed on a world wide medium such a television?In my mind the lack of a documentary can only be ascribed to 2 things. That as an artist he has been marginalised because of his treatment of the "Art" establishment when he was alive. The artist has been left on the fringe as a punishment for past sins.Or simply, that contemporary painters like Emin and Hirst, or the Chapmans have made it difficult for the "establishent" to acknowledge the work of Lenkiewicz in the art world. Their owners don't want us to promote a real artist, it would blow their cover.Acceptance of his work, would be a revelation by the critics, that the previous 20 years of promotion of the British art scene has been, in fact, manufactured by a small few critics and collectors and is a sham. A crude attempt to protect their investments and reputations and promote an art market, that they can control, for profit, step forward Mr Saatchi. They have in fact created an art market instead of letting it develop.The present work and breed of artists is quite banal, their work, to me, predictable and boring and some instances unintelligible.Aesthaetic Facism is alive and well I here you say!But there are others out there that feel that we are being manouevered towards this "art".A quick read of the Stuckist Manifesto for example, leads me to believe that there are others out there that feel the same. Maybe Lenkiewicz was the original Stuckist, before the term was coined. Working outside of the establishment but with a focus on the painting and the integrity of the work.The Stuckist Manifesto is below: http://www.stuckism.com/stuckistmanifesto.htmlFor me there is still a frustration that Lenkiewicz's work is still not displayed in a major art gallery anywhere in the world, thus depriving art students and the inquisitve from being given access to a very important development in the art scene from the late 20th Century.Is he to be simply ignored completely, he might just go away you know.El Greco was discovered after 300 years, maybe Lenkiewicz befalls the same fate.Either way Lenkiewicz has a dedicated following. Maybe one day the rest of the art world will be allowed to notice this silent genius.Thank you for taking time to read this piece.Enjoy your day.PS From TLF's website:By the way here is the link to a Youtube video of the latest Exhibition in Bristol:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6P9Aq1YXg4


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    Thanks for the YouTube link, dutchmaster. Much appreciated.This article from 2006 by the critic David Lee deals with official state art & is worth a read if you haven't seen it before.

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