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    I have just received the following email:

    I am an Italian researcher in Classical Philology. I have noticed that in the section Sotheby's Auction of your web-site you list a volume containing the 1589 edition of the Oracula metrica and the Oracula magica; at the end there is the opuscule by Panvinius on the Sibyls. Could you please tell me:

    1) are there the litographical prints of the Sibyls within the Panvinius' opuscule, as one can see in the 1599 edition of the Oracula Sibyllina printed by Opsopoeus?
    2) is there anything at the end of the opuscule on the Sibyls? how does that opuscule end?
    3) is there any sign of the previous owners of the volume?

    I thank you very much for your very kind help.

    I'm not able to answer these questions, so I was wondering whether anybody else could help?




    dave suggest he contacts the book expert at sothebys????????????????? Or does anyone with a mortgage and teenage children have time to care? Or just have a laugh and say yes and no to each question determined by the toss of a coin maybe.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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