Original Art Locations?

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    Hello fellow readers,Something happended at the weekend which really took my breath away.I was attending a friend's wedding. I hadn't actually visited the premises where the wedding reception was being held, so imagine my astonishment upon entering the hall when I spied a Lenkiewicz canvas hung 30 feet in the air above the bar area. This was quite a big hall in terms of height I may add, so it was really perfect as a setting to hang large canvases.Then as I turned to my wife to say that there was an original oil on the far wall (with great delight I may add) I spotted a second oil on the opposing wall.The paintings were The Burial of John Kynance and Mr Harrys Bar.All through the speeches I couldn't keep my eyes away from the paintings, what an absolute treat. Getting to eat a meal with The Burial of John Kynance staring down at me from the rafters.It just lead me to think that it is such a shame that Robert's work is mostly in private hands now and not on view, in the most, for the general public.Anyone else had a similar experience. 🙂


    billy budd

    You neglected to say where this happened DM.


    Annie HillSmith

    I know where you were!It was Chillford [?] Hall just outside cambridge. Great collection.

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