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    Hello, can anyone tell me if the books left over in the Lenkiewicz library are going into a museum to be set up in Plymouth. I have been waiting patiently to hear any more on this subject, but without much information forthcoming. I didn’t know they were going to sell any – it is a real shame, because those books are an amazing collection and it’s so rare to have the opportunity to view anything like that within the area. Many thanks! 🙂


    billy budd

    My own opinion is that it is not likely that much will be left. Esther admitted on this site a couple of weeks ago that the Foundation will not be able to gain any funding from the HLF before the Estate is finally wound up (whenever that will be – next year?), and the Executor still has to find in excess of J750,000 to clear the remaining claims.

    The rest of the library has been valued to somewhere around J150,000, or maybe J200,000 at the most. I presume the Executor will look at selling paintings first, but it would not surprise me if books go as well. There are still a few gems left there which would fetch some good prices, such as a couple of Aleister Crowley manuscripts and an early English copy of the Key of Solomon.

    As ever, Watch this space!

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