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    Dear all,Some of you noticed that the site was temporarily gone yesterday. That was due to attempts to rescue it from oblivion. The host has moved it to new servers that will not support the version of Joomla that powers the site. When those servers are disconnected, in the near future, this site will be gone.I have discussed a possible solution with computer people. It might, just might, be possible to freeze the entire contents of the site, transfer everything to the new servers as a read-only archive and have the archive linked to a new discussion board, similar to the present one.It is far from clear if this will be possible, but I await a preliminary assessment on Monday.If this solution is possible, it will cost, but far less than it would cost to completely rebuild the site in a way supported by functioning programs. So far, I have paid for all such costs myself, but this is beyond what I can do. This is a call for contributors.Let me be very straightforward: this site is important both as an archive and as a site promoting the life and legacy of Robert Lenkiewicz. It plays a crucial part for anyone interested in his art. If this site is closed down, it could mean a blow to our attempts at promoting Robert's art. In plain words: a closure certainly would not cause any increase in interest in Lenkiewicz paintings, nor increase their value.There are many collectors out there who have invested a good deal of money in Lenkiewicz paintings. The survival of this site will cost a fraction of a good Lenkiewicz painting. If several people would contribute, it might be possible to save this site.Potential contributors can contact me off-line. It will take a few more days before I know if money can solve the problem. I will give updates as soon as I know more./Lars



    Dear all,Maybe there is hope after all. I'll keep you updated./Lars



    At long last! The old site was moribund. WordPress is well supported and relatively easy to keep up to date.

    Edit: I see that you have managed to keep the old discussions after the site migration. That’s just brilliant – thanks for your hard work. I’ve removed my irrelevant question.

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