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    Hi! Does anyone know of an approximate value for Anna in Blue? I have been unable to find any reference to this picture anywhere, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




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    I haven’t seen this print for sale recently. The last one I can recall was in ArtFrame Gallery in Plymouth about 12 months ago, and had a ticket price of £1750 (which, of course, doesn’t mean that it actually sold for that). The reason I remember the price is because I bought a copy of this print for somebody when it was first released, so have spent the past year cursing that I didn’t buy a copy for myself at the same time 😥

    Personally I think that £1750 is way too much for it, but the fact we see so few for sale must suggest that it is a popular print and that people hold on to them.

    Anybody able to provide a more recent example of a value, or have a more qualified opinion?


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    Just a quick update – the Framing Shop in Hyde Park Road, Plymouth (the one recently bought by Esther and Anna) currently have two of these on offer for £1500. That should give a more up-to-date indication of the current market value of this print 🙂

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