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    I've just spent an utterly fascinating hour or so looking at the paintings and reading the associated observations by the subjects of the paintings here. I was always a little sceptical of Robert's claim that a project had to be viewed in its entirety without special regard to the quality of individual paintings. It always struck me as a bit of a cop-out and excuse for shoddy work. Perhaps it is, sometimes. But I've revised my opinion on the basis of Project 17. It's the first time I've been able to read through all of the accompanying materials: the hugely diverse collection of writings by academics, children, progressive and traditional educationalists; plus the drawings and poems some did as part of their submissions. It's a stunning achievement by ROL to have encapsulated the whole of the British school system within a single project. I don't think a Royal Commission, with a much larger budget, could have done as comprehensive a job.Even though the project was depressing, and many of the paintings reflect this, the quality of many of the works is very high indeed.The Lenkiewicz Foundation should be commended for the superb online presentation of the project.



    Prof Adrian Thatcher gave an interesting talk. I now have some of his books to find out more about Liberal theology. A lot of artistic and academic people gravitated towards ROL.

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