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    I think we all have a favourite painting. But which do you think was his finest single work?

    Now before anyone tells us that Robert considered all the paintings in a project formed the one, we know!

    But as an exercise this could be informative and fun.

    For me his masterpiece is Self Portrait as St Antony Listening, from the Project: The Painter With Women.

    He painted this when he was arguably at the height of his powers. It demonstrates his ability in many fields. The textures, the capturing of light and shadow, shade and bright. You can feel the strength of character and the brilliance of the man.

    See page 9 of the gallery on this site if you are not familiar with this picture.

    His masterpiece?



    For me it definately has to be the portrait of two young children one suffering from some form of mental health problem((brain damage?) and the other sat next to her suffering from a physical disabilitie(dwarfism ?). For me this was painted with such an understanding and sensitivity of the problems these people have. The thing that gets me emotional about it , is the the expression on the person with (dwarfisms?) face. Please exscuse me if im not politically correct , i mean no offence . Infact i mean the opposite. For me this painting shows two young brave people with totally different health problems and if the health problems where taken away would make one physically and mentally functioning person. But would that person be happy in life ?I doubt it very much. Most of us dont realise how lucky we are to have good health. Once again no offence meant but this is for me Roberts greatest single work. 😳 😯 🙁



    Good topic Art 3366. I have not seen all his work but in my opinion there is a BIG difference between his painting , his technique and his ART. To many,Roberts art comprises those pictures of prettty girls. Whereas most are technically very good and depict fabric beautyfully I belive they were in the main only painted for money to fund his addiction to books. His ART was all that other stuff that is more challenging. I noted at the sales that Esther and Anna were only interested in buying his ‘other stuff’. If you want to see what I mean by ‘other stuff’ look in the White Lane book and The Mary Notebook. Some of those say more about ‘the man’ and who he was inside than a wall full of glam girls, in my opinion.
    I agree about St Anthony and would like to add Paper Crowns ( Fools Caps) and The Chairs. I suppose the pretty ones are just more accessable to most people- I can't help being a snobby git!!
    Anyhow,Happy Christmas to all those out there in cyberland.



    Two good answers except I did say his Masterpiece, Eleventh. You have listed three!!

    I take your response as a vote for St Antony. I also know the painting of the girls mentioned. I have also seen a picture of the girl with cerebral palsy's brother. He is about four or five stood on a red chair with a sailors hat on. His face is very lived in for one so young. Robert could capture a spirits suffering and joy equally.

    Perhaps Dave Goodwin might consider putting a page in the gallery of the pictures mentioned if this thread proves popular.



    OK then, to date It’s Paper Crowns. Tomorrow who knows what might surface out there.

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