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    Annie HillSmith

    I’m now back as myself … as opposed to Professor Pnoobo … which was my nom de plume for a couple of days. Great name … but not me! My sign in name and my password are working. Hopefully the glitch time is over. Once more … many thanks to Lloyd & Lars



    Well, we seem to have lost some posts wholly or partly during that technical interruption. So, to get started again, here is a summary of the main activities of TLF over the last five years. Maybe you could comment on what you think are the positive things or what isn’t:

    EXHIBITION: ‘R. O. Lenkiewicz: Self-Portraits 1956 – 2002’ at the Ben Uri Gallery,
    The London Jewish Museum of Art, 25 October –14 December 2008.

    Ben Uri Study Day
    National Portrait Gallery
    6 November 2008

    Action at a distance: Magic, power and control in pre-modern Europe.
    Speaker: Dr Stephen Clucas, editor of Intellectual History Review and Reader in Early Modern Intellectual History at Birkbeck.

    Creation, Illumination and Transmutation: Robert Lenkiewicz, the Science of Kabbalah and the Art of Alchemy.
    Speaker: Dr Peter J. Forshaw, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of English and the Humanities, Birkbeck.

    A Necessary Madness: Love as a mental illness.
    Speaker: Dr Frank Tallis
    Dr Frank Tallis is a writer and clinical psychologist and a former lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry and King’s College, London. His popular non-fiction works include ‘Love Sick’ and ‘Understanding Obsessions and Compulsions’.

    University of Glasgow, Senate Room
    23 September 2008

    No Graven Image: The Life, Work and Ideas of Robert Lenkiewicz.
    Speaker: Francis Mallett
    Part of a symposium hosted by the University of Glasgow, Graduate School of Arts and Humanities, called: ‘Art, Religion, Identity’.
    ‘Lenkiewicz: The Legacy – Works from the TLF Collection’ at
    Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery,
    8 April – 11 July 2009.

    EXHIBITION: Robert Lenkiewicz: A Plymothian’s Perspective
    Plymouth City Museum
    Tuesday 12 May

    Speaker: Chris Robinson
    Local historian and broadcaster, Chris Robinson, discusses Lenkiewicz’s impact on the city of Plymouth.
    Lenkiewicz: The Debate – Private view and open forum debate
    Plymouth City Museum
    Tuesday 23 June, 6.30-9.00pm

    What are your views on censorship? Must public art exhibitions be ‘family-friendly’, or should broader tastes be catered for? Do different standards apply to an ‘artistic vision’ than to other kinds of material? Is some of Lenkiewicz’s work better off hidden from public view?

    Gallery Talks 2009
    U3A (University of the Third Age), Plymouth City Museum, 16 April 2009.
    Speaker: Anna Navas.
    The Way Forward – 2009
    A public discussion about the future strategy of The Foundation
    The Foundation held an open debate on the popular forum
    EXHIBITION: ‘Still Lives’ – Robert Lenkiewicz
    April – May 2011

    TLF commissioned a new film about Lenkiewicz by film-maker Jeremy Elman using footage from the Southwest Film and TV archive (SWFTA).
    1. Illustrated introduction to the life and work of Robert Lenkiewicz – a talk by Francis Mallett from The Lenkiewicz Foundation and publisher of monographs on the artist
    21st & 28th April, 6-7pm RWA Fedden Gallery
    2. ‘The influence of Counter-Culture Thinkers on Lenkiewicz’s Projects’ – a talk by Francis Mallett from The Lenkiewicz Foundation and publisher of monographs on the artist
    28th April, 6-7pm RWA Fedden Gallery
    3. ‘Art, Culture and Aesthetics’ – a talk by Kim Charnley, doctoral researcher in art and philosophy, University of Essex
    11th May, 6-7pm RWA Fedden Gallery
    4. A guided walk-round tour of the ‘Still Lives’ exhibition with Anna Navas from The Lenkiewicz Foundation
    14th May, 2pm Main galleries
    ‘Death and The Maiden’
    15 July — 2 Oct 2011
    Wed 27 Jul 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm
    Lenkiewicz; His Life, Work & Ideas
    Talk by Francis Mallett of The Lenkiewicz Foundation
    Sun 31 Jul 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
    A Tonal Approach to Painting
    Louise Courtnell, student of Lenkiewicz

    FLICKR Gallery – 2012
    The first high-quality gallery of Lenkiewicz’s work was created on the Flickr site.

    Launch of – May 2013
    A comprehensive website showcasing the work of Robert Lenkiewicz was created by the Foundation and launched in May.’Human, All Too Human’
    Royal William Yard (Mills Bakery building), Plymouth PL1 3PA
    3–28 June 2012

    Each Thursday (7, 14, 21, 28 June) at 1.00pm
    Guided exhibition tour with Anna Navas / John-Paul Somerville.

    Friday 8 June 6.00pm
    “Human, All Too Human”: an introduction to the exhibition by TLF Chair Francis Mallett.

    Thursday 14 June 6.30pm
    Two lectures (with an interval for discussion and refreshment):
    • “A mystical approach to the human condition and Nietzsche’s higher man” by Nicholas Fox.

    • “Lenkiewicz and the Aesthetics and Politics of Painting” by Kim Charnley.

    Wednesday 20 June 1.00pm
    “Robert Lenkiewicz from an artist’s perspective”; a walkthrough tour of the exhibition with Yana Trevail.

    Saturday 23 June 10.00am–4.00pm
    Fotonow camera-booth.
    An opportunity to share your personal stories and memories of Robert Lenkiewicz with community interest project Fotonow.
    Sunday 24 June 2.00–4.00pm
    A talk and painting demonstration by artist Louise Courtnell: ‘A tonal approach to painting’.

    EXHIBITION: Menschliches, Allzumenschliches (Human, All Too Human)
    Werkschau Halle 12, Spinnerei, Leipzig, 23 June – 21 July 2013
    (First international exhibition of Lenkiewicz’s work)
    Introduction and panel discussion
    Werkschau, Halle 12, Spinnerei, Leipzig
    On Sunday 23 June commencing at 12 noon in the Halle 12 gallery, writer and art critic Mark Gisbourne gave an introduction to the show. This was followed by a panel discussion on the theme ‘The Artist as Social Conscience’, moderated by Mark Gisbourne.

    Guided exhibition tours at Spinnerei
    Until 21 July 2013, 1pm (1300hrs), Tues, Thurs, Sat
    Werkschau/Halle 12, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
    Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1300hrs (1pm)

    Painting demonstration by Louise Courtnell
    Sat 13 July 2pm
    Werkschau/Halle 12, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

    EXHIBITION: Menschliches, Allzumenschliches (Human, All Too Human)
    Auf AEG, Nürnberg – WERKSCHAU / Halle 15,
    14 September – 13 October 2013The Lenkiewicz Archive imprint launched – 2011
    Publication – The Eliza Notebook 1978 – 79 (unbound folio)
    Boxed set of 4 giclée prints from The Eliza Notebook 1978 – 79
    Limited edition of 49. Paper size: 420 x 300 mm. Medium: giclée, 350gsm silk

    CATALOGUE Published 2013
    ‘Human, All Too Human’ – to accompany the exhibitions in Germany. Published in English and German editions.
    DVD Published 2013
    DVD – Robert Lenkiewicz “The leaves were full of children”
    Four films on one DVD from the television archives of the South West Film & TV Archive.
    Lenkiewicz Foundation Facebook page launched
    May 2012
    TLF YouTube channel created – June 2012
    Archive: digitising of journals, notebooks and diaries
    Library cataloguing and re-shelving 2011-12
    July 2012
    The re-organisation of the book collection, housed at the St Saviours library, Plymouth.
    2014: Publishing contract with Harper Collins.
    First publication due May 2014.

    EDUCATION25 – Lunchtime Talk : Prof Adrian Thatcher
    Thursday, 31 October 2013. 12.30pm
    Plymouth College of Art, Drake Circus, Plymouth
    The Lenkiewicz Foundation, Plymouth College of Art and Fotonow are pleased to announce a partnership, which will revisit Lenkiewicz’ seventeenth Project – Observations on Local Education (1988) – 25 years after it closed to the public at the painter’s Barbican studio. Professor Adrian Thatcher (above), one of the major contributors to Project 17, discussed the Project’s legacy at Plymouth College of Art on Thursday 31st October.



    I hope your gonna put on a show of all the beautiful dresses soon. what a show that would be! 😉



    If anyone would like to contribute or ask anything more, I would just point out that this coming Saturday is the deadline for TLF responses. Regarding the books, TLF has asked various academic libraries for their assessment and advice on potential ways forward.


    Annie HillSmith

    I think you may have changed the TLF ‘aims’ a year or so back? Were you, at that time, thinking that it was likely that you would be disposing of the books?

    The comments on this site have been quite limited i.e. not many. What do you take from that? Do you think that there isn’t much interest in the matter? Have you sought feedback from other sources? and if so, could you say what that has been. Do you think that you have tried hard enough to canvas views?

    For what it’s worth, I would be greatly saddened to see the legacy being diminished yet again. I can see that there is some irony in that remark when you consider that I was TLF Chair when so many assets were sold. However, the situation then was that the Board was powerless. I do not know if today’s Board sees itself as similarly powerless, in the grip of forces it cannot control. I consider that the Board doesn’t reach out to the LenkCommunity; it continues to be somewhat secretive and inturned. This ‘consultation’ has been little better than a fig leaf.



    The aims have not been changed but part of the current process is to consider whether they should be. There seemed no sense in any change until the final result of the estate was clear.

    I’m not sure where the idea that the books are being disposed of has come from. As I said at the start, no decision has been made although all options have to be considered. The question is, bearing in mind TLF’s limited resources, where should its priorities lie? A simplistic way of making clear the polar opposites is to ask if TLF is a charity that owns things or one that does things? Ideally, it would be both but in the real world, it’s likely to be a pragmatic balance between the two. But where is that balance? Far from being powerless, TLF’s future is in its own hands. However, it must be realistic about what it can achieve with its limited resources.

    I think the responses here suggest as ever that people have more to say when things are not working than when they are. The list of activities in the last few years above seems to me to represent a reasonable success in TLF taking Robert’s work out to a wider audience in a serious way. And, I have to say, considerable progress on what TLF had achieved in its previous 15 years or so. It’s always best to judge by concrete results not idle chatter.

    Fig leaf? For what exactly? What is that you think you don’t know about? What are the views or ideas that are not being heard? Let’s put them to the test of argument here.

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    Annie HillSmith

    Do we know how many people are viewing/visiting this site at the moment?


    Rosemary Jack69

    Hello, I’ve got a lovely drawing Robert did of Dustie, my dear old poodle, she’s sadly deceased now but still with me in spirit. I always remember feeling quite flushed that day as I watched Robert draw Dustie outside his little shop in Plymouth, I think it was his beard shining in the sun if you know what I mean. Anyway, recently I discovered from this website that about 10 years ago a lock of Robert’s hair was sold and I was wondering if Francis managed to buy it for the foundation or for his own pleasure perhaps? Alternatively maybe someone on here could put me in touch with the buyer? I would be most delighted. Kind regards, Rosemary.



    No, sorry, we don’t. But we do have Dustie aka Diogenes if you’re interested in a lock of hair…


    Annie HillSmith

    Francis .. how’s your eyesight? Rosemary referred to Dustie as her “dear old poodle” so presumably she isn’t talking about Mr MacKenzie!
    Re the hair, Rosemary, you are right about some hair … allegedly from Robert [not Diogenes!] was sold at Rendells maybe 6 months after Robert died. I was surprised and asked Rendells how they knew. They said they had confidence in the vendor but could not attest to it.

    I do not know who bought it or what it went for..



    Sorry, didn’t read that bit! So, not the hair of the dog then?

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