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    I have the following:
    Unframed : Study of Lisa
    Karen Seated
    Framed : Anna seated (Millenium)
    Karen in Blue
    Anna with Black Shawl
    Anna with Paper Lanterns
    Silver Lake
    Study of Mary and the Mary Notebook
    Esther Seated
    Study of Anna
    Karen Standing
    Esther Rear View
    I need to raise about £3,500 - £4,000. I am not certain which ones to sell (and if so where) and which to keep.
    I hate the thought of selling any of them but have no choice at the moment. 🙁
    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.



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    The way the Lenkiewicz print market is at the moment, you will (unfortunately) have to sell several of your prints to raise that kind of sum.

    As I see it, you have a number of options:

    Family and friends - has anybody made any admiring remarks about your prints? This could certainly be the quickest and easiest way, but deciding upon a price can be more difficult when selling to somebody you know.

    Gallery - you could approach local galleries and see whether they would be interested in buying a selection of your prints. However, from what I hear, most will only buy at the moment if the price is very very good (most Plymouth galleries will be offered Lenkiewicz prints several times a week). Also, they are likely to want to cherry-pick what they perceive to be the 'best' of your collection (i.e. what they can sell quickly and easily with the maximum profit). They are more likely to offer to try and sell the prints on your behalf. This offers no guarantees, and you will obviously have to pay a commission. I guess you have nothing to lose from at least asking, but be prepared for a shock when they tell you what they will pay!

    Auction - you could place some prints in an auction. Locally (Plymouth area), auction prices are often close to gallery prices (sometimes higher!). You would, however, want to stick with auction houses who normally sell Lenkiewicz items. Plymouth Auction Rooms hold a regular sale every three weeks, and there is usually a Lenkiewicz print or two. If you can wait, Dreweatt Neate are holding a Lenkiewicz sale at the start of October. Rendells are another option, and apart from selling through auction, they will also sell on your behalf through 'private treaty'. Again, you will have to pay a commission on any sale price.

    Private ad - there are various places you could try advertising (here, Evening Herald, here,, here, etc. Did I mention advertising here? 😛 ). This is probably the easiest way to gain maximum visibility for your items for the mimimun cost, and if the price is right, they will sell. However, are you prepared to sell at that price?

    eBay - there's always prints on eBay, and if you know what you are doing you can certainly help to maximise your chances of getting a good price. Use a reserve to protect yourself against 'giving them away' ... if they sell, great. If they don't reach your reserve, it will only have cost you a couple of pounds (and it will at least have given you an idea of the market value of your print). However, if you haven't used eBay before, selling a high value item when you have a zero feedback rating will deter people from bidding (and, ultimately, keep the selling price lower than it might otherwise have been).

    I think these are the main options open to you (anybody have other suggestions?).

    As for which prints to sell, you are the only one who can decide that. So, do you sell a few of the higher value prints, or do you sell several lower value ones? Do you sell the ones that would be easiest to replace in the future? Are there particular favourites? Which are likely to be easiest to sell?

    I don't know what others think???

    Whatever you decide, the main advice I would offer is to be realistic about the value of the prints (unfortunately for you, now is perhaps not the best time to be selling).

    Good luck 😀



    Thanks so much for such a speedy and helpful reply…

    it really has given me food for thought..

    😕 🙂

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