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    The results from the Westpoint sale are currently online at http://www.bearnes.co.uk/Catalogues/SF120408/index.htmI'll attach them to this post as well, in case they are removed from the Bearne's site.



    Thanks for posting these, Dave. Stunning prices – the lots that would have interested me were out of my league. Good luck to whoever now owns lot nos. 101, 155-15, 377, 394, 437, 439 although I think whoever got lots 381 & 386 picked up bargains.Is it Bearne's website, or are the faces in lot 522 really that pink?



    Thats just the Bearne's phoyography – overly warm/red. Anyway, I recommend getting a copy of the auction catalogue, although some of the pictures have a slight red bias, it is still a fairly well produced reference book for the work on sale! £15 from Bearne's (but will no doubt soon appear on ebay for £30+).I was most surprised (and impressed) at 'The Bishop startled' going for 100k!



    I lost the will to live at the Westpoint Sale!


    Yellow Cottage

    It was more like watching paint dry !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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